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Colleagues & Links

Luc’s Café & Restaurant – Luc’s Café & Restaurant is Café Musette’s favorite place to make music. Proprietor and music lover Hervé Aussavis has created an escape to Paris. Reviewed in the Ridgefield Press

Le Château – One of the most beautiful dining establishments in the New York Metropolitan area, and the site of many of Café Musette’s live engagements.

Noreen Mola – Chanteuse, artiste.

Infinitango – The only standing Tango ensemble that we know of in southern New England. They are great young musicians, authentic, and with a repertoire of great precision and passion.

Giani Lincan – Cymbalom artiste, Giani leads his “Lincan Gipsy Ensemble” and lives near The Hague, The Netherlands. He’s Romanian, and plays a lot with the great Romanian accordionist Ionica Minune (who lives in Paris). Giani has to be the best on his instrument in the world. Jazz, classical, Hora, everything. A sweetheart of a guy, too. » read my review : favorite performance

Jacques Mazzoleni – Jacques is “the man” in the USA for obtaining vintage Selmer styled guitars, as well as new models from fine contemporary luthiers of Europe.

François Rousseau – François is a gypsy swing guitarist and friend from Montréal. He is probably the most fanatical gypsy guitar fan in the Western Hemisphere – and extremely knowledgeable. He’s also a fine player.

Norman Plankey – Norman is my friend and fellow gypsy jazz guitarist here in CT. Norman also plays with his traditional band “The Fiddleheads.”

Jeff Eyrich & Dave’s True Story – Jeff is a bassist, producer, and friend, and the pulse of the very cool retro swing band from NYC “Dave’s True Story.” They’ve been on national TV, “Mountain Stage,” and have their songs in the great movie Kissing Jessica Stein.

Mark Levesque and Judy Handler – Mark and Judy are guitarists from the Hartford CT area, and do more gigs than just about anyone I know. They are a very nice duo, all styles – classical, jazz, Brazilian, and European. Their CD Acoustic Blend is beautiful.

Pierre Bensusan – is my favorite guitarist of all time, fingerstyle, pickstyle, doesn’t matter. No one else has ever played the way Pierre does. And not just because he’s working in DADGAD tuning, either. If you don’t have any CD’s by Pierre, get some.

Alain Cola – is the head of Dell’Arte Guitars in San Diego. Dell’Arte is doing very well, thanks to Alain’s vision & dedication to gypsy swing music, and of course to the building of quality guitars. He knows everything about Gypsy Jazz in France, and is a fine player with the Hot Club of San Diego. And so helpful!!

» www.gypsyjazz.net – An american website that sells exclusively gypsy swing recordings.

Scot Wise – Scot is a guitarist, friend, and authority on all-things-gypsy-swing. He lives in Charlotte NC. He’s done so much for MY own gypsy swing education!

Paul Neri – Luthier, Paul lives and works in Clinton CT. If I need work done on my acoustic guitars, I take them to Paul.

Contact Neri Lutherie: (860) 669-3351

Jim DeCava – Jim built my splendid 7-string guitar and is based in Stratford CT.

» www.decava.com

Recommended Recordings

Café Noir: The Waltz King 1994, & Window to the Sea 1995. Gypsy jazz inspired, unique, beautiful, and with vocals. Although Norbert Gerl is the representative European in the band, while it lasted, they hailed from Texas.

Liane Augustin & The Boheme Bar Trio: Paris Midnight ca. 1960. I only discovered this beautiful double CD a couple of years ago. 50 French classics, & Liane, the perfect voice.

Gypsy Reunion: Swing ’93 1993. This CD is from DJAZ, the French label, and is a favorite studio CD in the gypsy swing genre. Dorado and Tchavolo Schmitt are the stars, with Nouna Schmitt who sings. Patrick Saussois is on the recording. The first track, one of two songs in existence called “Tchavolo Swing,” is what I call the real “head-bangin’ gypsy swing.” If you’re going to have a collection of gypsy swing, you have to have this one.

Note: as of 2002, almost the entire DJAZ catalogue from France is available here in the USA from » www.gypsyjazz.net at ridculously reasonable prices.

Titi Winterstein Quintet: Maro Djipen 1994. A close second for me is their Djinee tu kowa ziro. Violin, guitar, piano/accordion. The ultimate in recorded gypsy swing.

The Rosenberg Trio: Live at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1990. Stochelo shows off the greatest picking hand on the planet.

Note Manouche: Note Manouche 1999. Quartet with Mandino Reinhardt, guitar, and Marcel Loeffler, accordion. All original compositions – high art. » read my review

Patrick Saussois: Alma Sinti 1996- There are four Alma Sinti CD’s out now, and they’re all brilliant. Patrick obviously has great taste. There are so many musical styles represented on any one Alma Sinti CD. It’s gypsy swing, but also much more.

Moreno and Marina Quartet: Jazz Tzigane 2005. Moreno’s a real pyrotechnician, especially with ‘triplets,’ and combined with Marina’s husky, gypsy voice, this is a must-have recording.

Biréli Lagrène: Gypsy Project 2001, and Gypsy Project & Friends 2002. Biréli is the most famous living Roma in the world, and arguably the greatest guitarist of all time. The other featured soloist is Florin Niculescu, who is arguably the greatest jazz fiddler of all time.

Favorite Performance

Lincan Gypsy Ensemble: Hôtel Clarendon, L’Empris Bar Québec City July 2001. Giani Lincan, large cymbalom, and Ionica Minune, accordion, have to be the greatest players of their respective instruments on the planet. And here they were together, with Costel Birlic on contrebasse and violin. I don’t think anyone has ever played music this fast before. Django, Paganini, Khatchaturian, Hora – gypsy swing the Romanian way. And we sat eight feet away from them. » read my review : colleagues & links


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