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7 String Archtop:
Rebuilt, 1996.

This is an excellent 7 string with a unique history. Back in 1980, this instrument was a 6 string, built by Connecticut maker Carl Barney. As I committed to becoming a 7 string player, I had Carl convert this large-bodied 6 string that he had sitting around to a 7 string.

In 1981 it was reborn a 7 string, with a floating DeArmond pickup. This guitar served me for many, many solo gigs, until I shelved the 7 string ‘thing’ for a while in favor of Celtic, folk, and ‘Windham Hill’ (remember that?) styles of music played on 6 stringed flattops. By the time I went to reacquaint myself with the 7 string again after a long hiatus, the back had developed serious cracks.

Since I’d always wanted a wider neck to get more right-hand precision, I consulted Jim DeCava of Stratford, Connecticut about an overhaul. Jim put on a new, much wider neck according to my specifications (2–5/16 inches at the nut!), with my initials (LSU) in my own script in pearl on the head. Most importantly, Jim carved a brand new maple back, and the sound just exploded from the instrument. It gives any Benedetto or Buscarino a run for the money with respect to sound. And, it is beautiful.

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